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Sharpie Bender (Coin Only)

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Product Description





Personal note to the haters: Thank you for the free marketing. I am grateful to all of you who get out there on the forums and help push people to my website. The more you talk, the more people know the truth.



There’s nothing more unnerving than experiencing psychic phenomena. It’s even more impressive when it’s done two inches in front of your face. Psychokinesis is said to be the power to move, bend, or disrupt matter with the mind. Imagine now having the ability to borrow a coin from someone and bend it under their nose -- with one hand.



The gimmick is precision engineered in a single unit and disguised to look like an ordinary Sharpie pen similar to other such products on the market. Except, the Sharpie Bender is specifically made to tightly and precisely fit the given currency used. There’s no slop, cheap pins, or multiple parts to carry around. Made of American Steel in an American shop.

Why is the entry model made for Pennies? Because they are a dime a dozen, well, at least for 10 anyway. They're inexpensive give aways. Ever seen a penny in a bottle? They sell everywhere in tourist shops. People know pennies, they carry pennies, and they throw pennies away in wishing wells. Turn this common coin into a real keepsake. Put your initals on it and have the person you bend it for inital it too; it's something they will keep forever. And best of all, they don't cost you a lot. It's like having a .22 rifle; you can shoot all day and not go bankrupt in the process. That's why we targeted this coin; every nation has one, so use it and have fun with it!

Most importantly, these gimmicks blow the competition away; there’s nothing as good as the Sharpie Bender at this price point, hands down. You get a 100% satisfaction replacement guarantee; if it ever breaks due to workmanship when properly used (don't use it to bend cars, ammo, lift buildings, etc), you'll get it replaced. We recently found out that one of our competitors wouldn’t even replace the pin that had broken in his product, and the customer had paid $500 for it! At the end of the day, customer service is paramount. This is especially so when you pay such high prices.

Each gimmick is hand finished after being produced on CNC machines, with custom collets, from the highest grade of steel, in the United States. The work load and hours spent fine tuning this gimmick is significant. We’ve found the chinks in the armor of all of the other benders, and specially prepared the Sharpie Bender to do exactly what it’s meant to do. Don't be fooled, the more expensive models are only that way because of hype; they're sloppy for a so-called precision devices. They may claim to be pefect for bending all sort of coins, but they're not specifically designed to do so. We fixed that.

MULTIPLE COUNTRIES: Other producers like to claim that they have a one-size fits all bender. It's simply NOT true. They are sloppy and won't bend the coin in the right place. Each Sharpie Bender is specifically designed for the coin YOU want to use. We make them now for US, UK, EU, Canadian, and South African coinage. More countries are on the list and coming soon. The sizes are specific to the coin being bent. Obviously, if you want one for, say a Canaidan Loonie, then you could also bend a Canadian and American Quarter. However, we'd never suggest bending pennies with something made specifically for the Loonie. Likewise, our UK 2 Pence Model will also bend a 20 Pence coin. You know your coins, so think about size before you buy. After all, size DOES matter! James has built on other ideas that when they first came out, like the QB2 where the top of the game. Now, he's changed that game and improved upon things. A full history, credits, and list of improvments are in the directions. Owners of other products who've also purchased the Shaprie Bender have said the differences are clear, and the improvements fantastic -- going so far as to buy two just to have a back up.

Each bender is rushed to you by USPS Priority Mail or International Priority Mail. We will ship to anywhere in the world, fast. Your order includes the Shaprie Bender in a velvet case with directions and downloadable instructional video. Magnets keeps the bender closed when not in use so it doesn't become obvious or just fall open exposing the gimmick.


There's a lot of chatter going on about the Sharpie Bender these days. Why all the hoopla? Easy. Economics dear friends. Economics. The competition is afraid of me and what I can do in this market. They're scared. They fail to grow and evolve, which leaves room for aggressive producers to enter the market and bring you excellent products with better price points. They SHOULD be scared. I'm going to be around as long as I choose to be, and right now, that's looking like a very long time. Eventually, they'll die out. Trying to live like magic is still stuck in the late 1800s. Welcome to the real world folks. The more of my Sharpie Benders that hit the market, the more word of mouth marketing I get from satisfied customers who know the facts; here's some of the stuff that's recently been thrown around:

  • Myth: Only stainless steel will work.
  • Fact: That's crazy talk. This bender is made of high carbon steel, just like handcuffs (see NIJ standard 0307.01), firearms, tanks, and other things that require high end steel to function properly. Is stainless steel a fantastic metal? Sure it is. But high carbon steel is incredibly strong, and that's what I chose to use. Any moron who says that high carbon steel isn't good enough, and this must be made out of stainless, is a, well, moron. Previously, I had used a more mild steel in testing. It isn't as strong, and that is correct. However, once I upgraded the steel, there were no issues. If you're desperate for stainless steel, I can use that in a heart beat anytime I want. Getting it is as easy as making a phone call. Get in touch and I can do that for you if you must have it. The price difference for me is minimal, so I won't charge more. The ignorance level of the guys spouting anti-Sharpie Bender venom is comical. One guy made a crack about steel rusting. Okay, that's true. Stell can rust. But are you planning on putting the bender in salt water and letting it sit out all night? Any plans on going SCUBA diving with it in the near future? It's been painted and can be touched up in about two minutes with a can of spray paint. Really? That's the best they've got? Geeze.

Now what can they say? Oh yeah, nothing.

  • Myth: The magnets weaken the bender.
  • Fact: WTH are they talking about? The bender's sole purpose is to bend coins, not lift up cars to change a tire. What kind of weakening are they talking about. What scientifc research have THEY done to back up such a statement? Nothing. It's hot air. The magnets don't even come into contact with the coins and have no impact whatsoever on the functionality or use of the bender. The magnets are there to keep the Sharpie Bender closed when held out, so it doesn't flop open like a Pez Container. They know they can't do anything and they know they're in trouble; it's a lie and hype and designed to misinform you, the buyer. Remember, they have an agenda. I've caused a stir, I've hit the market, and that takes money out of people's pockets -- just not YOUR pocket anymore. But, let's say for a second that the magnets are a problem, which they're not, but let's just say... Not like I can't remove them for you if that's an issue you're afraid of. Just ask me.

Now what can they say? Oh yeah, nothing.

  • Fact: The so-called critical "pivot joint" was machined at the wrong angle. Well, they're sort of right on that, but the use of the term angle shows how utterly ignorant they are of the machine process. One of the early prototype models they're talking about had a pin placement issue during testing which put undue stress on that area, but NOT the one now on the market. The Sharpie Bender on the market has rounded joints and the pin is incredibly strong, so that issue is a non-issue. It was a simple code change in the CNC. Done. Dusted. Fixed.

Now what can they say? Oh yeah, nothing.

Detractors want you to think you need to spend $600 to bend a coin, but you don't. At the end of the day, it's all about functionality. The Sharpie Bender can go up against any bender on the market. Hands down. Go look on eBay, a competitor's bender is selling for $200 right now. One sold for $99 last week. Why? Because people are buying the Sharpie Bender and they're happy with it. Belive the hype designed to get YOU to be out of pocket, or save yourself some of your hard earned cash and know that the Sharpie Bender can do exactly what it has been designed to do. The rest, it's just BS.



LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Sharpie Bender is in no way connected to Sanford L.P. The Sharpie Logo is a registered trademark of Sanford L.P.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Used it last night!

    Posted by Tim Moore on 18th May 2011

    Greetings from the UK. The bender arrived yesterday in the post and I used it for the first time last night at the pub. The directions were easy to understand and the bender even easier to use. It's got a heavy duty design and construction. The bend is perfect. I also love the one hand bend. Great subtleties built into the routine. It works as described and the price is great. Not a lot of bob to put out on something like this. I'd buy a second one, but I don't need it. I am going to recommend it to all my mates.

  2. Well done

    Posted by John XXXXXXXXX, LA baby! on 17th May 2011

    James, well done man! Got it. This thing is bad ass. Your directions cracked me the hell up. Funny as hell just like your books, you sure do know how to write. Thanks for putting this out. You did a great job. I don't know how you do everything you do. We got to go have coffee man. Hit me up broham! Keep up the good work. Bravo.

  3. Perfect Price

    Posted by Stan on 17th May 2011

    Even as a part-time professional, I could not justify paying more than a couple hundred dollars for an apparatus like this. I definitely couldn't get away with paying $500... my wife would crucify me! There's no way it could pay for itself after a few uses at that kind of price and anyone who thinks it could doesn't work for a living and has no idea what they're talking about. Either that, or they don't have a family and responsibilities. Anyone with real experience knows they can simply do a shuttle pass with a pre-bent coin and produce a similar effect. I don't need this bender, I want it. There is a difference. I have plenty of routines I can do to get repeat bookings that cost me nothing. I have plenty of routines I can do when I table hop that cost me nothing. Being able to sign and bend it real time is really more of a luxury, but a cool one. I know what's on the market for bending coins. I've seen many of them. I saw one like this at LVMI years ago but knew I'd never pay the asking price in a million years. I'd rather put that money into my bills! I heard about Mr. Clark's Sharpie Bender on the Green Machine. I read all the posts. He's pissed some people off. I like that. I own two of his book tests. I'm familiar with him and all he has done. I also respect the kind of man he is outside of magic. I decided to contact Mr. Clark and ask him about the bender. He was helpful, answered all my questions, and I felt the price was right. I bought it. I've had a week to play with it now and my honest opinion is that the quality is exceptional. It is solid. Bends quarters easily and pennies even easier. I like the spacer and how it puts the penny in the right place for the bend. The directions are well written and have a lot of useful information. I enjoyed reading the history section and Mr. Clark's views on ethics. There are things in there I didn't know. The one-hand routine works perfect for me and I like the use of two coins. I prefer using pennies and giving them out as gifts. It's an inexpensive way to leave something with scores of people in a night. I gave out 23 the first night I used it. Had that been quarters, I would have only lost $5, but it is $5. I also think the size of the penny makes it more difficult in the mind of the spectator to understand, since it's so small. But that's just my personal view and everyone will have their own thoughts on it. The color of the paint and finish is perfect. It looks exactly like a Sharpie. I can hold it in the palm of my hand and flash it and nobody is the wiser. The video was helpful too, albeit shorter than I would expect. Most of all, the customer service is more than I could have ever hoped for. For all of the reasons Mr. Clark has made this and all of the improvements he's included for those of us who buy these kinds of things, I am happy. I'm a repeat customer. I hope he keeps doing what he's doing. That he stands strong. It's about time someone handled magic like a real business.

  4. You're an asshole!

    Posted by F&%k You! (Editor: modifed) on 15th May 2011

    I think you're an asshole!

    James: Get in line. But thanks for stopping by anyway. And should you decide to buy the product and actually use it, feel free to stop back by and post an honest review.

  5. Another Happy Customer

    Posted by Chad on 15th May 2011


    I had considered another model out there (you know which one) but wasn't about to spend the kind of money it cost. When I got the email you were putting out a similar model I decided to get it and I'm glad I did. The price is way better and I'm more than happy with the quality of the product. I have a family to support and magic only pays part of my bills. I have to be careful with what I spend and where I spend it. I realize you're taking some heat for standing your ground, but know there are plenty more of us who respect and support you than there are those who don't. I for one wanted to tell you that I love the bender.

    Thank you!


  6. 1 Word... WOW!

    Posted by Beau Babb on 12th May 2011

    It isn't often that a magic product comes along and BOTH the method and effect just make you say "WOW". This Sharpie Bender is one of VERY few effects out there that accomplish this feat!

    The construction of this gimmick makes it feel pretty much indestructible. It's solid, feels very good in the hands, has good weight and the bending mechanism makes it easy to get the coins in and out smoothly. The paint is pretty much EXACTLY the color of a sharpie pen, I put the two together and couldn't see a difference in color! James did not spare any detail when it came to this product! It also came with an attachment for other coins and tools to change the attachment! Most other products just tell you how to fix or modify the product, and don't give you the tools to do so. This one has it all!

    James also made it a point to take time from everything that he is doing actually call me to make sure I knew how to use it and how to take care of it! He shared his method on bending the coin which is one that I wouldn't of ever thought of and is so easy to do it's almost stupid! This will be the only method I used because everything makes sense and you have everything covered! You simply DO NOT get customer service like that anywhere!

    Do yourself a favor and BUY this bender! There is simply NO room for disappointment or regret with this product! I am going to have this thing with me everywhere I go! James' method gives you a TON of confidence and you'll be out there doing this like a pro! I already have way too many bent coins laying around the house because I cant get over how easy it is to do this! 5 starts all the way!

  7. Excellent Quality, Great Price

    Posted by Rich on 12th May 2011

    I recently bought this after reading on the Magic Cafe about it. There's some negative reviews, but having purchased from James before I know the quality of his work and the level of customer service I've come to expect from him. For the record, I own every bender on the market including the QB, which I sold yesterday at a loss. The Sharpie Bender is excellent and comparable in every way. I very much like the magnets, as one of my biggest complaints on the QB was the fact it fell open easily. This is not a problem with the Sharpie Bender. I also love the spacer idea, which I agree is an improvement. I do not like the fact it's painted, which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I prefer powder coating, but James said he'd do that for me if I wanted it and I found a local company that could do it for next to nothing. I've suggested that James offer powder coating as an option, which he is now going to do. If you're worried about this product being "inferior", don't. It simply isn't true. Well worth the price.

  8. Holy COW!

    Posted by Tim McDonald on 8th May 2011

    I always wanted a bender like this. I got one two weeks ago and all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I LOVE the spacer idea. Genius. I LOVE the magnets that hold it together. I LOVE being able to ditch it to a magnet hold out. What a GREAT idea Mr. Clark. Don't let them get you down man. You're doing a good thing. You're good for magic!

  9. Exactly as promised

    Posted by Mike on 5th May 2011

    I read some negative press about this item and wasn't sure who was telling the truth. But, I've bought from James for years and he said if it wasn't what he promised, I could get a refund. No need for a refund. It' exactly as he states, bends quarters and pennies like a dream.

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