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XB 2, XCM, de'vo, Extreme Beginners

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XB 2 DVD Set Check out the HOTTEST XCM DVDs on the market! Almost 4 hours! 60-80 moves, concepts, ideas, combos, and variations make these the most comprehensive videos on the subject of XCM ever made! De'vo vom Schattenreich, Jerry Cestkowski, Jeff McBride, Daryl, Greg Irwin and Q all participate in this groundbreaking new DVD from Superhandz! BRAND NEW 2nd editions are IN STOCK! New artwork, better compatibility, better navigation! Watch the short trailers for the mammoth XB DVD set NOW! Note - these trailers don't even begin to show you the massive amounts of material on these DVDs! The best moves aren't even shown on the trailers nor is half of the material contained within this set! Scroll down to see the entire move listing. Check out clips from De'vo's site! Part 1 - http://www.handlordzstore.com/XBT1.mp4 Part 2 - http://www.handlordzstore.com/XBT1.mp4 ***** 5 STAR REVIEWS all over the world! -This incredible DVD set has received the highest reviews possible from all over the globe from magicians, XCMers, poker players and card lovers! Read the RAVE REVIEWS: About.com - http://magic.about.com/od/magicreview/fr/xcm.htm What buyers are saying: http://p210.ezboard.com/fsuperhandzfrm52.showMessage?topicID=339.topic Special Bonus! - In 2005 De'vo broke the world record for the world's fastest coin roll! He is officially by Guinness Book the world's fastest coin roller and continues to hold this title! As a special bonus, De'vo has put his super fast technique on the XB DVD set along with his "over the ring" coin roll technique that he has not been taught until now! It's all included FREE on the DVD! Bonus clips for the 2nd edition XB are in our exclusive forums. Here are a couple of free clips in case you have already purchased this DVD elsewhere and did not get into our special forums. There are even more Xtra bonus clips in our exclusive forums that you only get access to if you purchase from the Handlordz store. OUTAKE Jerry vs. LePaul: http://www.handlordzstore.com/Jerrylepaul.mp4 Xtra Q(more in our exclusive forums) http://www.handlordzstore.com/qextra.mp4 * Access to this forum is given to all that purchase from this store. Please abide by all posted rulez to remain in the forum. Product Description This is the new ultra hot DVD set from Handlordz productions that everyone is RAVING about! It features De'vo vom Schattenreich, Jerry Cestkowski, special appearances by Daryl, Jeff McBride, Greg Irwin, and a brand new artist by the name of Q. This incredible DVD set is geared toward the beginner all the way to experienced card handlers in the art of Xtreme Card Manipulation, and covers all the basics as well as some intermediate work! This mammoth DVD is almost 4 hours long! There are also many ideas and moves that HAVE NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED BEFORE! Around 80+ moves, ideas, combos and variations are on this DVD! Just an unbelievable amount of information! Scroll down to see the massive content list! Never before has such a DVD been made featuring Xtreme Card Manipulation. This IS the definitive beginner resource for our art form and will be for years to come. De'vo has included a concept from the Ulmen group in Germany - called "perching"! This new concept is incredible and will have even the most experienced card handlers scrambling for their cards to test their creativity! So many ideas are possible and this section will only barely scratch the surface of this fascinating concept. One of the highlights of the DVD is a special 1 hour fanning workshop that stars Jerry Cestkowski who is world renowned for his perfect fans! This section alone is worth 2 times the price of the DVD! Real world info that you will not get from anyone else! Learn with Q, a complete beginner we trained for 4 weeks. This is one of our favorite parts of this DVD! We know you will learn a lot from Q and his experience! This is another 1 hour section where Q spends 2 weeks with De'vo, and 2 weeks with Jerry training moves on this DVD set. The results are real and unedited! All the drops, grunts and troubles along with the fine tips that the pros give Q to succeed in the moves taught. There are also lots of fun moments including a sparring match with Jerry and getting picked up in a stretch hummer by De'vo for late night partying. XB DVD Content Listing This 2-DVD SET is currently 3 hours and 50 minutes long... Enjoy the published listing of the XB DVDs content! Chapter #1. Things to know -What is XCM? -Basic Card Knowledge --What cards to use --opening a new deck of cards --Card equipment - close up mats and XCM boxes --Grips --Dropping cards thoughts and ideas --How to pick up cards --special XCM pick ups from Jerry and De'vo -XCM Jobs - orientation -What to call yourself -The manicure GREG IRWIN - Finger Fitness Expert teaches hand health and exercises for XCM -Hand massage -Hand and finger stretching/2 several exercises -Flexibility stretch -itsy bitsy exercise -ladder walk -splitting exercises - UNPUBLISHED! Chapter #2. Basic Moves CHARLIER SECTION -Classic Charlier --Double Charlier --Running Charlier -Open Book --Double Book -Double Flop - UNPUBLISHED! --Triple Flop -Charlier Showcase --Special Close --Special Close combo idea - UNPUBLISHED! CARD TABLE MOVES -One-handed shuffle --cool shuffle ideas (3) -One Handed Square Cut --Double Square Cut -Scissor Cut -Thumb Cut -Flapjack Table Cut - ALL FLAPJACKS UNPUBLISHED! --Triple Flapjack --5 Packet Flapjack -Ribbon Spread --Twin Peaks -Flick and Pop Opener -Swing Cut --Running Swing cut -Pivot Cut --Pivot with spin --Double Pivot Cut UTILITIES -Deck Twirl -Twirl Pick Up -Twirl Put Down -Deck Division #1 -Deck Division #2 --Cross-handed -Deck Division #3 --Combo Ideas --Single packet throw -Packet Flipping -Simple Turnover --single and double handed -Basic Trip -Trip Double -Basic Turnovers -Trip Turnover -Triple Turnover -Running Turnover -Flipback w/reverse -Charlier Flipback Combo -G-Force Flipback w/reverse - UNPUBLISHED PUBLICLY -Rolling Flipbacks - UNPUBLISHED PUBLICLY PERCHING CONCEPTS - too many ideas and screen shots to list! ALL UNPUBLISHED! Basic Perching Reverse Perching SPECIAL MOVES Jeff McBride's Salamander Combo - UNPUBLISHED! -Simple Roll -Around the World -Salamander combo -Single Card Roll -Double Card Roll -Around the World 2 -Salamander Combo 2 - advanced! Daryl -Daryl's Hot Shot Cut De'vo -Vertical Spin -Wind Elemental Finger Spin -Flash Drei - UNPUBLISHED PUBLICLY! -Impossible Stack Close - UNPUBLISHED PUBLICLY! 2 IMPACT MOVES -Spring - Proper corner grip method -Basic Arm spread --Basic Down Catch CHAPTER # 3 - 1 HOUR Fanning Workshop -Intro -Deck condition -Thumb Fan -Fanning Techniques -Pressure Fan -Twin Fans --Twin Fan Close -Giant Fan -In-depth on the weave -Production fan -One handed close -Simple close -Nice close -Jerry's in the hands spread - UNPUBLISHED! CHAPTER #4 - Performing XCM Pro Tips -Pro Tips -Handling the Deck -Switching Decks -Routining -Travel carry items -Sound system info -Jewelry -Watches, rings, bracelets, cuff links, banded collar shirts and pins and others. CHAPTER #5 - Q SECTION - Our Xtreme Beginner learns about XCM The Q section is where we take someone that knows NO XCM, and trained him for 4 weeks or so. He tells you of his troubles and successes with the moves we taught him below. Also he tells you how the problems were corrected. We think this is one of the most amazing things on this DVD! World Meet Q Q's introduction and background Week #1 - Q MEETS JERRY -Q meets Jerry --card room --Jerry does a demo -Q learns card basics/how to powder, break in deck, cards etc -Q learns the Charlier Showcase -Q learns the Thumb Fan -Q learns a basic arm spread -Q and Jerry fun - scars and throwing cards -Q - 5 Days Later progress Week #2 - Q LEARNS ABOUT CASINO NIGHTS -Q learns about Casino Nights -Q learns the one handed shuffle -Q learns the flipback basic, reverse, and G-Force -Q learns the Flick and Pop -Q learns the Swing Cut and Pivot Cut -Q learns the Turn Over -Q - 5 Days Later progress Week #3 - Q'S FINAL TRIP TO JERRY'S - FUN - Q spars with Jerry -Q learns the Deck Twirl -Q learns the Scissor Cut -Q learns Twin Fans -Q learns the Spring -Q and Jerry fun - closet scars and a hammer Week #4 - Q PARTIES WITH DE'VO VOM SCHATTENREICH -Party and jamming with De'vo vom Schattenreich -Q learns the Vertical Spin -Q learns the Wind Elemental Finger Spin -Q learns the Flash Drei -Q learns the Impossible Stack Close -Q - 5 Days Later progress -Q's Final thoughts and closing Q BLOOPERS - Many hilarious bloopers! Coin Roll - De'vo's (2005 world's fastest coin roller) technique --Coin over Ring Technique --Combo Ideas Price in US $ 44.95 plus shipping

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